The Model K1100 particulate filtration element is utilized in the Turbo-TOC®   turbine oil conditioning system as the pre-filter to help protect turbine oil from particulate contamination.  The K1100 is used as the prefilter in Turbo-TOC® Models KL30, KL60 and KT100/KL100.  (The K4100 is used as the pre-filter with the KL5 and KL10 systems).  The K1100 element is designed with specially formulated multi-layer fine fiber fiberglass in a fixed pore structure.  These bonded fixed pore fibers deliver exceptional particle retention, high particle holding capacity, and retains trapped particles under increasing differential pressure.  In addition, the K1100 element maintains pleat integrity under high flow and high viscosity oil conditions, and are constructed with supporting mesh materials that eliminate pleat bunching or collapse during cold-start ups and high dirt loading situations.


  • Exceptional Particle Removal Efficiency: Element efficiency consistently meets, or surpasses, advertised micron rating.    
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity: Combining specially selected and engineered fine fiber fiberglass media with uniform pleating techniques, the K1100 and K4100 filter elements provide a high level of particle collection.
  • Reliable Construction: The K1100 element uses high quality corrosion resistant components, and are constructed using proven manufacturing methods.   
  • ISO 16889 Tested: Element performance is proven using the latest ISO Multi-Pass Test Method for Evaluating Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration Elements.
  • Cost Effective Solution: The K1100 filter element provides effective Life-Cycle Costing* (LCC).  Factors such as element life, oil cleanliness level, equipment reliability, and reduction of oil related failures contribute to credible savings and productivity.

* Life Cycle Costing (LCC) — This is the true cost associated with the use of a filter element. This takes into account cleanliness of oil, filter life, change-out frequencies, and operator involvement. The cost of the filter element alone does not give a true evaluation of the overall cost.


Outside Diameter
6 inches / 152 mm
Inside Diameter
2-5/8 inches / 67 mm
36 inches / 914 mm
12 pounds / 5.4 kg
Beta 5.1(c) = 1000 (ISO 16889)
Beta 3 = 200 (ISO 4572)
Minimum Collapse Pressure
100 psid / 7 kg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature 250 F / 120 C
Replacement Pressure PSID 25 psid / 1.76 kg/cm2
Gasket Material Buna-N
Flow Direction Outside - In
Type Filtration Element (particulate removal)
Application Turbo-TOC® Pre-Filter Element

Ordering Information

Model Number: K1100
Part Number: A910266