We are experts at providing elements that remove particulates and other contaminants from your fluid. Check out our particulate removal elements to learn how Kaydon Filtration can extend your energy…

KayMax elements use the same fixed-pore media, manufacturing technology, and patented process used in the world renowned Turbo-Toc® family of filter elements resulting in consistent removal efficiency across the entire operating range.

Kayflo Filter Element, designed and constructed with specially formulated, resin impregnated medias utilizing synthetic fibers for maximum filtration and extended element life.

Particulate Oil Filter Element designed and constructed with pleated, multi-layered micro-fiberglass fibers for ultra-fine particle removal and long element life. Media Laminated to and supported by epoxy coated steel screen for exceptional pleat integrity under high flow and high viscosity conditions. 
Coalescing Jet Fuel Element designed and constructed with dual-layered fiberglass fibers for high efficiency water removal from jet fuel.
KAYDRI® water removal filter elements are designed to remove water, by using absorption, from lube oil, hydraulic oil, and diesel fuel. KQD filter elements are designed to be used in industrial oil and fuel applications. The KQD elements offer a capable solution for removing trace amounts of water from industial oils and diesel fuel, when a coalescing system, vacuum dehydration systems, or centrifugation equipment is not practical.
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