Kaydon Filtration is an expert at providing oil and fuel purification solutions.  Check out our filtration, coalescer, and water absorbing elements to learn how Kaydon Filtration can extend your energy . . .  

KayMax filtration elements replace competitor elements used in hydraulic oil and turbine oil filtration applications.  These replacement elements use thin fiber filtration media that is pleated, fixed pore, inert, and bonded.  This design results in consistent particle removal efficiency and predictable element life under increasing differential pressure.  

Kayflo filtration elements use specially formulated blended media of cellulose and synthetic fibers to maximize filtration efficiency and increase element life through greater filter porosity.  Applications include diesel fuel filtration and general purpose oil filtration.

KM filtration elements use pleated, multi-layered inert, bonded, fixed pore fibers for ultra-fine particle removal and long element life.  The KM construction retains element integrity through increasing differential pressure, and maintains pleat openness and integrity under high flow and high viscosity conditions.  
CI-3520/40P coalescer elements use pleated macro and micro multi-layered, cellulose-free inert fibers to reduce fuel velocity and extend coalescer life.  This media selection and construction method produces dryer fuel than the old-style wrapped coalescer with cellulose fibers. The primary application is water removal from diesel fuel, but it is also applicable to other fuel/water separation applications.
KAYDRI® , (KQD), water absorbing elements use special water absorbing fibers sandwiched between two inert fiber medias to absorb water from lube oil, hydraulic oil, and diesel fuel.  KQD elements offer a capable solution for removing trace amounts of water from industrial oils and fuels when a coalescing system, vacuum dehydration system, and centrifuge is not practical.
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