The Model 112 oil and fuel filtration filter vessel is designed to offer a cost-effective solution for general purpose industrial oil and fuel filtration applications.  The vessels are constructed of aluminum making them lightweight and easy to install, yet designed rugged and durable to withstand corrosive environments.  Applications where the Model 112 filter vessel can be installed are lube oil systems, hydraulic return line circuits, diesel fuel transfer equipment, transformer oil purification systems, gearbox lube systems, coolant fluid systems, and process systems.  Areas where the Model 112 filter vessel is utilized are power plants, paper mills, steel and aluminum mills, marine, mining, refinery and general industry.  The Model 112 filter vessel provides an economical solution to general purpose oil and fuel filtration applications.   



  • Aluminum Construction: lightweight construction provides for easy installation.
  • Rugged and Durable:  Due to the aluminum construction, the filter vessel is less susceptible to corrosion.  Provides reliability and long term use.
  • Design:   Model 112 filter vessel's simplicity provides for an uncomplicated and user friendly filter vessel for general purpose oil and fuel filtration applications.      



10"W x 10"L x 43"H (254 mm W x 254 mm L x 1,092 mm H)
33 lbs (15 kg)
Inlet Connections
1.5" NPT
Outlet Connections
1.5" NPT
Filter Element
For use with any KM, KF, KB and KQD 6" x 36" Element
Materials of Construction
Aluminum with Buna-N Lid Gasket
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
200 PSIG
System Guages & Indicators
Inlet/Outlet Gauges (standard)
Differential Pressure Gauge (optional)
Code Construction Non-Code, but built by certified ASME Code welders
Performance Filtration elements used with the Model 112 are rated to Beta = 1000 efficiency and tested per ISO 16889 filtration element evaluation protocol. 
Applications Industrial Oils and Fuels
Finish Exterior: Epoxy Coated
Available Options
  • Wall Mount
  • Floor Mount
  • Viton Gasket
  • Differential Pressure Gauge

Ordering Information

Product Number: 112
Inlet/Outlet Connection Size and Type: 1-1/2" (NPT)