The VKS-2 filtration vessel is all carbon steel construction and designed to the latest edition of the ASME pressure vessel code.  The VKS-2 is designed for in-line flow applications where a heavy-duty design, rugged construction, and long term durability are required. Operating conditions such as repeated shock and vibration do not affect the filtration element or its secure seating. Contact Kaydon with your application information to determine if the VKS-2 is the filtration solution for your application.


13"L x 13"W x 46"H (312 mm L x 312 mm W x 1170 mm H)
130 lbs. (59 kg)
Inlet Connection
2 inch NPT (standard)  / 2 inch 150# Raised Face ANSI Flange (optional)
Outlet Connection
2 inch  NPT (standard) / 2 inch 150# Raised FAce ANSI Flange (optional)
Filter Element
Uses any KM, KF, or KQD 6" x 36" Element
Materials Of Construction
Carbon Steel Construction with Viton O-Ring Seal
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
150 psig @ 250 F
System Gauges  & Indicators Inlet-Outlet Gauges (standard) or Differential Pressure Gauge (optional)
Design and Construction ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1, latest edition (includes "UM" Stamp)
Performance Kaydon elements are offered in various micron ranges and media types.  Kaydon elements are rated to Beta = 1,000 and tested per the ISO 16889 filtration element testing protocol. 
Applications Hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil, Insulating oil, Diesel Fuel, Gear oil, Coolant Fluids, Cutting Oil, Synthetic oil.
Finish Exterior: Epoxy Coated, Color: Kaydon Blue
  • Differential Pressure Indicator (0 -35 psid)
  • Automatic Air Eliminator
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • By-Pass Valves (15, 25 or 40) – choose one
  • ASME Code “U” Stamp  
  • 150# Raised Face ANSI Flange Inlet/Outlet Connections  

Ordering Information

Product Number: VKS-2-N-NB-IOG

  • VKS = Series Number
  • 2 = Accepts one Kaydon 6"x36" Element
  • N = No Options
  • NB = No By-Pass Valve Installed
  • IOG = INlet/Outlet Gauges (range = 0-200 psig)

Spare Parts
• Uses any KM, KF, or KQD 6"x36" Element
• O-Ring (Part Number A628009)