Our VKS series vessels are of all steel ASME construction designed for in-line applications requiring rugged construction and long term durability.  Operating conditions such as repeated shock, high and continued vibration do not effect the filter case or the secure seating of its internal parts and filter media. Designed for 150 psi working pressure and flow capacities consistent with bypass or full flow applications up to 800 GPM.


48" x 13" x 13"
130 lbs.
Inlet Connections
2" NTP
Outlet Connections
2" NTP
Filter Element
Uses any KM, KF, KB and KQD 6" x 36" Element
Materials Of Construction
Carbon Steel Construction with Buna-N Seals
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
150 psig @ 250 F
System Guages & Indicators Inlet-Outlet or Differential Pressure Gauge
Code Construction ASME Code
Performance Up to 99.9% efficient at 4.2 micron, Beta 4.2 = 1,000, rated per ISO 16889, depending on element selection
Applications Hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil, Insulating oil, Diesel Fuel, Gear oil, Coolant Fluids, Cutting Oil, Synthetic oil.
Finish Finish Exterior: Rust Preventative Coating, Exterior Finish: Industrial Grade (Kaydon Blue)
  • Differential Pressure Indicator (0 -35 psid)
  • Automatic Air Eliminator
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • By-Pass Valves (15, 25 or 40) – choose one
  • ASME Code “U” Stamp  
  • ASME Code “U” Stamp  

Ordering Information

Product Number: 4XLDa-000097U
Size: 1 1/2", 3/4"

Spare Parts
• Uses any KM, KF, KB
•  KQD 6" x 36" Element
• O-Ring