Diesel Fuel Transfer and re-Circulation Purification System

Part Number FC1-001

Part Number FC1-001 diesel fuel purification system is a skid mounted system with a pump/motor assembly, control panel, filtration vessel and water removal vessel piped in series. 

Maximum Flow Rate

10 gpm (USA)

31 lpm (Outside USA)


Diesel Fuel # 2 at Fuel Temperatures > 50F (10C)

System Outlet Fuel Cleanliness*

ISO Particle Cleanliness = less than 18/16/13

Water Content = 130 ppm

* Influent cannot exceed particle cleanliness ISO 22/19/17 and water content > 5,000 ppm

Part Number FC1-001 Includes: 
1.  Variable Speed Drive Pump/Motor Assembly (flow range = 2 - 10 gpm / 7 - 31 lpm) with pump protection strainer
2.  Filtration Vessel
Filtration Element (qty. = 1)
Differential Pressure Gauge
Automatic Air Release Valve
Inlet Sample Port
 3.  Coalescer Vessel
Coalescer Element (qty. = 1)
Separator Element (qty. = 1)
Differential Pressure Gauge
Pressure Relief Valve
Automatic Air Release Valve 
Armored Water level Sigh Glass
automatic Water Drain with water level sensor, solenoid valve, and totalizing water meter
Outlet Sample Port
 4.  All components mounted on a drip pan with a 2 inch (51 mm) full perimeter liquid tight drip lip and 3/4 inch drain port (plugged).  The drip pan is supported with 10 inch (254 mm) wide carbon steel channels to maintain structural integrity during shipping, during installation, and operation.  Four floor mounting tabs with 5/8" (16 mm) diameter holes are welded to the skid for securing to the installation foundation.
 5.  Inlet/Outlet Valves: Ball Type, 150 pound rated



Size (inches)
36 L x 28 W x 45 H
Size (millimeters) 915 L 715 W 1140 H
Inlet Connection 1.5 inch 150# Raised Face Flange (ball valve)
Outlet Connection
1 inch 150# Raised face Flange (ball valve)
Weight (dry) 715 pounds (680 kg)
Weight (wet)
790 pounds (795 kg)
Filtration Element
KM6018-2V (qty. = 1)
Coalescer Element
CI-3510P (qty. = 1)
Separator Element
A920016 (qty. = 1)
Material of Construction (vessel, piping, skid) Carbon Steel
Material of Construction (seals)  Viton®
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 150 psig at 250F (10.5 kg/cm2 at 120C)
Operating Voltage 115 VAC / 1 PH / 60 Hz / 11 amps
Strainer Type / Mesh Basket / 30 mesh
Pump Positive Displacement Gear Pump
(10 gpm at 50 SSU at 1725 rpm with 65 psig relief valve)
Control Panel 1.  ON/OFF Selector Switch
2.  Variable speed drive located inside control panel - operator selectable potentiometer for adjusting flow rate in range of 2 - 10 gpm
Automatic Water Drain Assembly Major Components Include:
1.  Water level float switch
2.  Solenoid valve (normally closed) - opens when water level sensor detects water accumulation 
3.  Totalizing water meter
4.  Sump heater - prevents accumulated water from freezing
Gauges and Indicators Filtration Vessel:
Differential Pressure Gauge (0-40 psid / 0-2,8 kg/cm2)

Coalescer Vessel:
Differential Pressure Gauge (0-40 psid / 0-2.8 kg/cm2)
Armored Water Level Sight Glass Indicator
Vessel Design and Construction ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1, latest edition (includes "UM" stamp)
Performance Particulate:
Less than ISO 18/16/13

Removes water from diesel fuel #1 and #2 to 130 ppm Total Water Content (0 ppm free, 10 ppm emulsified, 120 ppm dissolved). 
NOTE: Total Water Content totals the individual categories of free water, emulsified water, and dissolved water. (Total Water Content analysis per ASTM Method D6304-16e1)
Finish Coalescer Vessel Interior: Epoxy
Exterior: Epoxy, Color: Kaydon Blue

Ordering Information

Part Number: FC1-001

Consumable Spare Parts
Filtration Element: KM6018-2V (qty. = 1)
Filtration Vessel Lid O-Ring Seal: A628009 (qty. = 1)
Coalescer Element: CI-3510P (qty. = 1)
Separator Element: A920016 (qty. = 1)
Coalescer Vessel Lid O-Ring Seal: A628009 (qty. = 1)