The Model KP-2-2AL is a rugged, heavy duty industrial portable oil filtration system that provide an operator an easy solution for temporary off-line oil filtration service for reservoirs of 500 gallons (1900 liters) or less.  Two Model 111 aluminum filter vessels are piped in series for utilization with these portable oil filtration systems.

Applications where the Model KP-2-2AL portable oil filtration system can be installed are small lube oil reservoirs and hydraulic oil reservoirs.  These systems can be used on oils up to a maximum oil viscosity of ISO 220 oil at 40C (104F).

Areas where the Model KP-2-2AL portable oil filtration system is utilized are power plants, paper mills, steel and aluminum mills, marine, mining, refinery and other general industrial oil applications.


  • Aluminum Vessel Construction: Utilizing the Model 111 aluminum vessels provides for a lightweighted filtration system, plus shipping costs are less.
  • Rugged and Durable:  Due to the aluminum construction, the filter vessels are less susceptible to corrosion.  Provides reliability and long term use.
  • Simple Design:  Some filter vessels use complicated instrumentation, hard to use filter element sealing methods, and are over designed for the application.  In comparison, the Model 111 vessel simplicity provides for an uncomplicated and user friendly filter vessel. 
  • Complete, Ready to Use System: These portable oil filtration systems are complete units with two Model 111 filter vessels piped in series, pump/motor assembly, push handle, wheels, suction and discharge oil hoses, element change-out indicator gauge (differential pressure gauge) mounted on each filter vessel, and power cord with ON/OFF switch.     
  • Equipment Protection:  The Model KP-2-2AL portable oil filtration system protects rotating components in your oil system and helps guard against particulate and/or water contamination.


Size (inches / mm)
36 L x 24 W x 41 H / 915 L x 610 W x 1050 H
125 pounds (57 kg)
Inlet Connection
1 inch male quick connect coupling
Outlet Connection
1 inch female quick connect coupling
Flow Rate
1/3 HP / TEFC
Oil Viscosity (maximum)
ISO 220 at 40C (104F)
Pre-Filter Element  KM6018-3
Post-Filter Element KM6018-2
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Buna-N
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 100 PSIG
Controls Interface On/Off Switch
Operating Voltage 120 VAC / 1 Phase /  60 Hz / 8 Amps
Gauges Inlet/Outlet Gauges - each vessel (0 - 200 psig) 

Ordering Information

Part Number: KP-2-2AL

Spare Parts
Lid Gasket - 53M49 (qty. = 2)
Pre-Filter Element: KM6018-3 (qty. = 1)
Post-Filter Element: KM6018-2 (qty. = 1)