STATIONARY oil filtration systems

The Model KP10 and KP30 are rugged, heavy duty industrial oil filtration system skids.  They are simple, but rugged, solutions for off-line oil filtration service for lube and hydraulic oil reservoirs. 

Applications where the Model KP10 or KP30 portable oil filtration system skids can be installed are lube oil reservoirs and hydraulic oil reservoirs.  These systems can be used on oils up to a maximum oil viscosity of ISO 100 at 40C (104F).

Areas where the Model KP10 and Model KP30 portable oil filtration system skids are utilized are power plants, paper mills, steel and aluminum mills, marine, mining, refinery and other general industrial oil applications.


Operator Friendly: The Model V-636 filter vessel lid removal design makes filtration element change-out procedure quick and simple.  No tools are required to change the filtration element.  Element change-out can be accomplished in less than two minutes.

Positive Element Sealing: Kaydon O-Point Alignment and Sealing Pattern – Produces a mechanically aligned and secure seal pattern for the filtration element, providing a positive and secure seal against fluid by-pass around the element. 

Complete, Ready to Use System: These portable oil filtration system skids are complete units, mounted on a skid, with filter vessels(s), pump/motor assembly, ON/OFF switch, integral piping, and filtration element life indicators (differential pressure gauges) for each filtration vessel.     

Equipment Protection:  The Model KP10 and KP30 oil filtration system skids protect rotating components in your oil system and helps guard against particulate and/or water contamination.

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