Designed to maximize the returns from your turbine equipment investments while strengthening your bottom line, Turbo-TOC® KL and KLP turbine oil conditioning systems quickly and efficiently remove harmful water and particulates from turbine lubrication oils.  Scaled to address the specific needs of large, medium, and small turbines, Turbo-TOC® KL turbine oil conditioning systems are applicable for use for conditioning turbine oil in main turbine lube oil reservoirs, boiler feed pump turbine lube oil reservoirs, and other turbine driven equipment lube oil reservoirs, ranging from 25 gallons (95 liters) to 12,000 gallons (45,450 liters).  

The KLP series uses the same filter media and technology as the proven KL series and is capable of meeting ISO Cleanliness Code 15/13/11.  The KLP series may be installed on a single reservoir or moved between multiple turbine oil reservoirs. 

K-Touch® Technology Touch Screen Window provides a graphical view of the operation of the system.

K-Touch® Features
Easy-to-Use Operator Interface - Makes operator training quick and easy
Simple START and STOP Control - A touch on the screen starts and stops the system 
Pump Pressure, Vacuum, Element Differential Pressures, and Oil Temperature - All system information is easily viewed.
Water Removal Data Screens - Water removal screens display water removal data for each hour, day, month, and year.  Helps document the history of water entry into your turbine oil.
Alarm History - Documents alarm alerts and shutdowns.  Examples are low oil flow, excessive pump suction, high oil temperature, and motor/VFD malfunction.  Alarms are immediately displayed on the K-Touch® screen.  
Oil Heater Adjustment Control Window - heater adjustment screen is available for heater set point adjustment. 
Flow Rate Adjustment Window (30, 60, and 100 gpm systems) - Operator can select desired flow rate to maximize turbine oil conditioning efficiency.