Designed to maximize the returns from your equipment investments while strengthening your bottom line, Turbo-TOC® KL oil conditioning systems quickly and efficiently remove harmful water, particulates, and other contaminants from turbine lubrication oils.  Scaled to address the specific needs of both large and small facilities, Turbo-TOC KL systems bring predictability to your maintenance schedules, enhance long-term equipment operation, and significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failures or unscheduled maintenance.  

K-TOUCH® CONSOLE AVAILBLE FOR TURBO-TOC UNITS: Provides graphical view of the operation of the system. K-Touch® console screen features include:

  • • Easy-to-Use Operator Interfaces - Makes operator training quick and easy.
  • • Start and Stop Control - A touch of the screen starts and stops the system.
  • • Pump Pressure, Vacuum, Element Differential Pressures, and Oil Temperature - All system information is easily viewed.
  • • Water Removal Data Screens - Water removal screens provide water removal data for each hour, day, month, and year the system is in operation. Helps document the history of water ingression.
  • • Alarm History - Documents alarm alerts and shutdowns. Examples are low oil flow, excessive pump suction, high oil temperature, motor/VFD malfunction. Alarms are immediately displayed on K-Touch® screen.
  • • Oil Heater Adjustment Window Control - Heater adjustment screen is available for oil temperature adjustment.

Explore the TURBO-TOC Benefits: