Turbine Oil Conditioning System

Part Number KL1-WD-AWD

1 gpm (3.8 lpm)

Filtration Group's Hydraulics TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems supports long-term turbine operation and significantly reduces the probability of oil related turbine failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated turbine oil.  A major factor in turbine oil reliability is the control and removal of undesired particulate and water.  When contamination invades turbine oil, protection of the turbine bearing and journal surfaces are placed at risk and turbine performance is jeopardized.
Filtration Group's Kaydon location manufactures turbine oil conditioning systems to remove harmful particulate and water from lube oil used with industrial steam turbines and hydroelectric power plants. The Kaydon Filtration TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning system provides continuous and persistent fluid conditioning service during equipment up-time, and adds additional benefit during shutdown by quickly preparing the turbine oil for equipment start-up.  Filtration Group is aware of the demand for turbine oil cleanliness requirements. With the TURBO-TOC® brand Filtration Group has years of experience in the area of turbine oil conditioning and is ready to respond to industry demand.


Longer turbine life
Dependable turbine operation
Reduced failures related to poor turbine oil quality
Fewer forced outages and downtime
Increased turbine oil life and reliability
Compact, space saving footprint with mounting tabs
Sight Glass - allows for visual inspection of the water that has been removed
On/Off Switch  - mounted on top of motor for easy access
Differential Pressure Gauge - provides remaining element life
Sample Port - included to take bottle samples for oil quality analysis
Automatic Air Valve Release  - allows for removal of trapped air in coalescing filter vessel
Automatic Water Drain Assembly - automatically removes accumulated water that has been removed from the turbine oil
Water Meter  - located in the water drain measures and records the water that has been removed


System Flow
1 gpm / 3.8 lpm 
up to 300 gallons (1,135 liters)
System Pressure (maximum)
100 psig (7 bar)
Environmental Parameters
Minimum Ambient Temperature: 32 F ( 0 C)
Maximum Ambient temperature: 104 F (40 C)
Operating Voltage
115 VAC / 1 PH / 60 HZ / 6 Amps
Materials of Construction
Metals: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Forged Steel
Elastomers: Buna-N
Paint: Epoxy, Color: Kaydon Blue
Pressure Vessel Material
Type: NPT
Inlet: 1/2 inch
Outlet: 1/2 inch
Pump/Motor Assembly Pump: Positive Displacement Gear Type
Motor: .33 HP (.25 kW)
Fluid Compatibility Mineral Base Turbine Oil (Viscosity: ISO 32, 46, and 68)
Filtration Stages 1st Stage: 30 mesh Pump Protection Strainer
2nd Stage: Particulate Removal
3rd Stage: Water Removal
Performance Particulate: Less than ISO 18/16/13 Cleanliness Code 
Water: Less than 200 ppm
Weight 125 pounds (57 kg)
Dimensions (inches) 21 L x 19 W x 38 H
Dimensions (millimeters) 533 L x 483 W x 965 H

Ordering Information

Part Number: KL1-WD-AWD
K = Kaydon
L = Lube Oil (turbine type ISO 32, 46, and 68)
1 = 1 gpm (3.8 lpm)
WD = Motor is designed for outdoor use
AWD = Automatic Water Darin Assembly

Consumable Spare Parts
K400 Filtration "clean-out" Element (qty. = 1)*
K500 Coalescer/Separator Element Combination (qty. = 1) 
A618033 Vessel Lid Seal O-Ring (qty. = 1)
A629008 Vessel Back-Up Ring Seal (qty. = 1)
 * K400 is included and pre-installed with a new KL1 system.  It's purpose is to operate for the first 24 hours of operation, or to terminal differential pressure (25 psid), whichever comes first.  This is to clean the oil to prevent premature clogging of the normal use K500 element combination.  The K500 is to be used as the standard and ongoing use element after the K400 has performed its "clean-out" function.