10 GPM Turbo-Toc Turbine Lube Oil Conditioning System for reservoirs up to 1,200 gallons. Removes particulate down to an ISO 16/14/11 Cleanliness Code & Water to a Content of 100 ppm or less. Skid-mounted system.


51"L (1295 mm) x 44"W (1118 mm) x 75"H (1905 mm)
1,575 lbs. (714.4 KG)
Inlet Connections
1.5" 150# ANSI RF Flange
Outlet Connections
1" 150# ANSI RF Flange
Strainer Mesh
30 Mesh
10 GPM
7.5 KW
Prefilter Element
Prefilter Element – Pleated, multi-layered micro-fiberglass element (Rated at 99.9 % efficient at 5 Micron (per ISO16889)
Coalescer Element Coalescer Element  - Designed and constructed with high surface area, multi-layered fiberglass fibers for high efficency water removal from turbine oil. 
Separator/Postfilter Element Separator/Postfilter Element  Water Separating Turbine Oil Filter Element designed and constructed with teflon coated stainless steel screen with pleated, multi-layered micro-fiberglass fibers for high efficency particulate removal from turbine oil.  
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel Construction with Buna-N Seals and Gaskets
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 150 PSI
Controls Interface Touch Window Technology Control Panel  (General Purpose – NEMA 12)
Safety Shutdown Alarms Low Flow Switch, Vacuum Switch, Hi-Temp Switch
Operating Voltage/Amp Draw 460 VAC/60Hz/3 Phase/ amp draw = 15 FLA
System Guages & Indicators Touch Window Technology Control Panel-indicates pump pressure, element differential pressures, and oil temperature in a graphical window display. Water Removal Data Window - maintains water removal for hour day week and year
Automatic Water Drain Float switch with solenoid valve
Code Construction Optional ASME Code
  • ISO 16/14/11 Cleanliness Code & Water Content of 100 ppm or less
  • (Performance verified with sample taken from system outlet under normal operating conditions)
  • *Performance Exception: Power plant system occurences such as cooler tube failure, steam seal leaks, hatch and cover breaches, and vent filter failure which cause unusual contaminant ingression events should not be used to confirm system performance.
Available Options
  • ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1 Filter Vessels (Inspected & Stamped)
  • Weather Proofing – NEMA 4 (for outdoor installations, includes PRV set at 150 psig)
  • Portability Kit  (includes four casters, tow bar, power cable (plug supplied by customer))
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Export Crating
  • Safety Overflow Sight Model 825-2                

Ordering Information

Product Number: 4XLDa-000097U
Size: 1 1/2", 3/4"

Spare Parts
• Filter Vessel Seal Kit • K2100 Coalescer
• Transducer Kit • K3100 Separator
• Pump Mechanical Seal
• Y-Strainer
• K1100 Prefilter