858-1200 Smart-Vac, 20 GPM Vacuum Distillation System. To remove water from oils down to 70 PPM or less. Removes Water, Sediment and Gases. The Mini-Vac can be used on a variety of different oils, including Hydraulic Oils, Lubricating Oils, Mineral or Synthetic Oils or Phosphate Ester Oils. Applications include; Steel Mill Lube Oil, Paper Machine Lube Oil, Injection Molding Hydraulic Oil, Metal Stamping Hydraulic Oil, Electro Hydraulic Control Fluid, and Turbine Lube Oil.


60"L x 38"W x 79"H
2,400 lbs.
Inlet Connections
Outlet Connections
Strainer Mesh
15 CFM Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Discharge Pump - P.D. Rotary 3 Screw, Feed Pump - P.D. Gear Pump
75 KW Immersion Heater
Prefilter Element
KM6036-2 KayMax® Filter Element – 7.0 micron (b7.0(c) = 1,000)
Postfilter Element KM6036-05 KayMax® Filter Element – 4.2 micron (b4.2(c) = 1,000)
Disperser Element FE-320-329 (20 Required)
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel Construction with Buna-N Seals and Gaskets
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 50 PSI
Controls Interface Control Panel with On/Off Pushbuttons (Nema 12)
Safety Shutdown Alarms Low Flow, High Level, High Temperature
Operating Voltage/Amp Draw 480VAC/60Hz/3PH (total amp draw = 100 amps)
System Guages & Indicators DP Gauges, Low Flow, High Level, High Temperature
Automatic Water Drain N/A
Code Construction N/A
Performance Water removal to less than 70 PPM, Particulate down to 7 micron, Beta 1,000, Flow Rate = 20 GPM
Available Options
  • Weather Proofing - Nema 4
  • Nema 4X Service (SS Control Panel)
  • Explosion Proof
  • Viton Service Package (for Phosphate Ester or Ammonia service)
  • Upgrade to ISO680
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Export Packaging

Ordering Information

Product Number: 4XLDa-000097U
Size: 1 1/2", 3/4"

Spare Parts
• 54M99 • KM6036-05
• A629020 • FE-320-329
• 124-366
• 1241-210
• KM6036-2