Industrial Oil Conditioning

Process: Vacuum Dehydration - Distillation method

Flow Rate: 600 gph / 10 gpm (38 lpm)

Part Number 858-600STD460 

The Model 858-600 DYNA-VAC™ industrial oil conditioning system removes water and particulate from industrial oils.  Separation of water from oil by removing it in the form of water vapor, rather than removing it in the liquid state, is the principle used in the DYNA-VAC™. In this way, water can be removed from oil without regard to the degree of emulsification. Even the most stubborn, stable oil/water emulsions can be separated. DYNA-VAC™ vacuum distillation is different than other dehydration processes, as it takes water from the liquid state and transforms it into water vapor.  So, in the water vapor state, it can easily be removed.  The DYNA-VAC™ allows for water removal in a number of industrial oils and applications that cannot be addressed through coalescing.  

Industrial oils that the DYNA-VAC™ is successfully used:

LUBE OIL - Removes damaging water from lubricating oil used in lube systems at paper mills, steel mills, aluminum mills, and power plants.

HYDRAULIC OIL - Provides continuous protection from water contamination in hydraulic oil, therefore safeguarding sensitive hydraulic power unit components.


Flow Rate
600 gph / 10 gpm (38 lpm)
Base Frame
All components are conveniently mounted on a single skid with four casters for effortless moving and easy positioning.
For use with oil reservoirs up to 1,200 gallons (4540 liters) at bulk oil temperatures greater than 104F (40C)
Fluid Compatibility

Industrial, Mineral Base, Lube and Hydraulic Oils
(Maximum Viscosity = ISO 460 at minimum temperature of 104/F / 40C)

Dimensions (inches)
82 L x 54 W x 84 H
Dimensions (millimeters) 2085 L  x 1370 W x 2140 H
3,440 pounds (1,560 kg)
Materials of Construction

Metals: Carbon Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel
Seals: Buna-N
Paint: Epoxy, Color: Kaydon Blue

Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
100 psig (7.0 kg/cm2)
System Suction Connection 1.5 inch Kamlock® Male Quick Connect
Suction Hose Assembly

Hose Diameter: 1.5 inch (25 mm)
Hose Length: 10 feet (3 meters)
Hose Color: Black
Hose Connection to System Suction Connection:  1.5 inch Kamlock® Female Quick Connect with Twin Lever Arms
Hose Connection to Oil Reservoir: 1.5 inch NPT

System Discharge Connection 1 inch Kamlock® Female Quick Connect with Twin Lever Arms
Discharge Hose Assembly

Hose Diameter: 1 inch (25 mm)
Hose Length: 10 feet (3 meters)
Hose Color: Red
Hose Connection to System Discharge Connection:  1 inch Kamlock® Male Quick Connect
Hose Connection to Oil Reservoir: 1 inch NPT

Feed Pump Positive Displacement Gear Pump
Vacuum Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

1.  Vacuum Level – quickly produced and consistently repeatable
2.  Simple design – only one rotating  assembly
3.  Damage Resistant  – Can handle particulates in supplied cooling water
4.  Maintenance Requirements – none
5.  Lubrication Requirements – none
6.  Operating Temperature: Remains low due to cooling water

Discharge Pump

Positive Displacement Rotary Three-Screw Gear Pump

1.  Low NPSHr.  No operational difficulties pumping oil out of the 26” Hg vacuum level in the vacuum chamber.
2. Close tolerances between meshing screws provides separation between pump suction side and pump discharge side.  This separation prevents vacuum level reduction in the vacuum chamber, maintaining optimum vacuum level in the vacuum chamber.
3.  Self-priming - External priming port not required.

Heater 50 KW
Filtration Vessels

Kaydon V-Method Filtration Vessel

Features Include:
1.  Swing Eye-Bolts – No tools required for the quick and simple lid removal.
2.  Filtration Element Life Indicator -   Provides visual indication of remaining element life.
3.  Kaydon O-Point Alignment and Sealing Pattern – Produces a mechanically aligned and secure seal patterns for the filtration element
4.  Carbon Steel Welded using ASME Code welding protocol
5.  C-Channel Lid Gasket - The distinctive designed gasket prevents leakage by creating an evenly distributed pressure force at its sealing contacts points.  This non-leak seal is also used with the vacuum chamber lid.

Filtration Elements

Filtration element media uses inert fibers that remain joined with special bonding agents that are unaffected in lube and hydraulic oil.  The fibers maintain a fixed pore structure throughout its filtration service life.  The fibers are configured to create a high surface collection area. 

Pre-Filtration Element Rating:
7.1 micron [ISO 16889 (Beta7.1m(c) = 1000]
6 micron [ISO 4572 (Beta6m = 200)]

Post-Filtration Element Rating:
5.1 micron [ISO 16889 (Beta5.1m(c) = 1000]
3 micron [ISO 4572 (Beta3m = 200)]

Vacuum Distillation Process Inner and Outer Tower Chambers

Kaydon Dyna-DRY™ Vacuum Tower Chambers 

Inner Chamber: The inner chamber holds the disperser elements. The disperser elements receive the incoming oil/water emulsion and thinly distributes the emulsion over its broad exterior and interior. Exposing thin layers of the oil/water emulsion to the combination of system induced heat and vacuum instantaneously vaporizes (distills) water from oil.

Outer Chamber:  The outer chamber holds the internal water condenser.  The internal water condenser provides swift and efficient water condensing.  The quick change from water vapor in the inner chamber to water liquid in the outer chamber makes the Dyna-DRY® process highly effective in removing water from oil. 

Inner Vacuum 
Chamber Disperser Elements

High Exterior Exposure and Multi-Layered Interior Exposure Water Vaporization inner Vacuum Chamber Disperser Elements. 

Both the exterior texture and interior multiple layers produce a high degree of exposure to the induced heat and vacuum.  The unique disperser element design helps promote quick water vaporization, providing high water removal efficiency throughout its operational life.

Controls Interface  

The control panel provides operators a simple and easy-to-understand view of operation. System controls such as starting, stopping, and setting desired heater temperature set point are available. In addition, important operating parameters are displayed. The 858 control panel layout makes operator training quick and easy.

•   ON/OFF Process Control - Simple ON/OFF switch for starting and stopping.

•   Heat ON Light - Clear indication of when heater is in operation

•   Low Oil Flow and High Oil Level Alarm Lights: If a low flow rate condition or high oil level in the vacuum chamber exists, the alarm lights illuminate, but the system will automatically self-modulate itself to clear the alarms, and provide continuous, operator-free, operation.

•   Temperature Controller and High Oil Temperature Switch: allows the operator to set the desired distillation temperature (factory set at 150F / 65C). In addition, a safety high temperature switch preset at 180F (82C) prevents oil overheating.

•  NEMA 4 Enclosure (dust proof and moisture proof)

Electrical: 460 VAC / 3 PH / 60 Hz / 70 Amps
Water: ¾ gpm during operation (must be less than 104F / 40C)

Water Discharge Less than 5 ppm hydrocarbon content

Particulate: Less than ISO 18/16/13 Cleanliness Code

Water: Performance based upon reservoir bulk oil temperature and supplied cooling water temperature.  


Bulk Reservoir Oil Temperature: > 135F (58C)

Cooling Water Temperature: <70F (21C)

Water in Oil : Less than 25 ppm

Bulk Reservoir Oil Temperature:  115F – 134F (47C – 57C)

Cooling Water Temperature: 71F -  90F (21C – 33C)

Water in Oil: Less than 50 ppm

Bulk Reservoir Oil Temperature: 104F - 115F (47C)

Cooling Water Temperature:  91F – 104F (33C – 40C)

Water in Oil: Less than 150 ppm


NOTE:  System water removal performance will greatly decrease if bulk reservoir oil temperature is less than 104F(40C). 

NOTE: The system cannot be operated if supplied cooling water temperature is greater than 104F (40C). 

Ordering Information

Part Number: 858-600STD460

Consumable Spare Parts
A910118 Pre-Filtration Element (qty. = 1)
A910505 Disperser Element (qty. = 20)
A910199 Post-Filtration Element (qty. = 1)
A629015 Filtration Vessels Lid Gasket Seal (qty. = 2)
A629020 Vacuum Vessel Lid Gasket Seal (qty. = 1)