Kaydon Model 825 Safety Overflow Sights are installed as an accessory item for off-line (kidney-loop) oil filtration and conditioning systems.  They are designed to provide convenient observation of oil flow to the system pump and maintaining a safe level of oil in an oil reservoir.

Areas where the Model 825 Safety Overflow Sights can be used are turbine oil reservoirs, paper machine oil reservoirs, steel mill lube system reservoirs, or any large lube system reservoir that uses an external oil filtration or conditioning system.


  • Maintains Safe Oil Reservoir Level: Prevents drainage of the oil reservoir by providing a “siphon break” to an external oil pump. 
  • Provides Clear Oil Observation: Clear viewing with sight glass, which can be easily removed for occasional cleaning.
  • Reliable Service: Durable cast iron body construction provides years of dependable service.

The Kaydon Filtration Model 825 Overflow Sights are designed to maintain a fixed level of oil in an oil reservoir used for a circulating oil lube system.