You can trust that Kaydon Filtration will provide quality, reliable service that continues to extend your power. Our experienced staff offers you the best in technical support; whether it is installation, maintenance, or repair. 

Get Up and Go! –Installation Services

Once you have selected the Kaydon Filtration fuel or oil conditioning systems that’s right for your application, our installation teams can help you integrate your new equipment into your facility.  Experienced with every phase of the installation process, our team members make adding a Kaydon Filtration system to your operations a turnkey process by:
  • Coordinating delivery and placement of system components
  • Handling connection of your new system to your existing plumbing
  • Installing all necessary monitoring and control equipment
  • Thoroughly testing every system function
  • Troubleshooting and making any needed adjustments 


An Ounce of Prevention – Routine Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is essential to keep your oil and fuel conditioning systems operating at peak performance. We offer a number of on-site service options that can help extend system life and address minor problems before they become major issues. Whether you have current installations or previously installed in-place equipment, our factory-trained technicians can provide innovative and progressive service solutions.

Service Contracts

For regular maintenance needs, we recommend our 2- or 5-year service contracts.  Each service contract offers: 
  • Two service calls each year
  • A comprehensive 25-point inspection on each call
  • Annual change-out of system elements
  • Annual training for facility personnel who regularly use your Kaydon Filtration system
  • A service report documenting all maintenance and repairs

We Can Fix It! - Repair Services

To preserve the integrity of your Kaydon Filtration systems, we recommend using only Kaydon Filtration replacement parts.  We stock a full range of components for all current Kaydon Filtration fuel and oil conditioning systems.  Our replacement parts are manufactured to the same exacting specifications as our original equipment, and are engineered to maintain predictable system performance.
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