This is Only a Test

Kaydon Filtration offers extensive laboratory analysis of your lubricating fluid.  Our testing helps you to find out what your filtration system is doing for you.  All Kaydon Filtration tests are conducted under certified ASTM, ISO, and NFPA test standards. Our fluid analysis identifies potential problems in your equipment as well as: 
  • Extending fluid and equipment life
  • Promoting proactive maintenance and contamination control
  • Identifying trends
  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs with no risk to your equipment
  • Eliminating the guesswork


Why Test Your Lubricating Fluids?

Simple it will save you money!  Contamination is the number one cause of lubricating oil system failures including shortened lubricant life, premature replacement of friction components, and increased maintenance costs. The foreign bodies cause oil oxidation, degradation of oil properties, and lead to corrosion and damaged components which will cost you more money!
DISCLAIMERS: Services are based on samples and information supplied by requestors; these services are rendered without warranty or liability of any kind.

Consult an Expert 

When you are developing a project you want partners who are experienced, knowledgeable and reliable.   Our research and development team has the expertise and experience to develop engineered solutions that will meet and exceed your filtration needs of performance, quality and reliability. To explore more of how we can engineer a solution for you contact one of our solutions experts.

Testing Capabilities

To determine the effectiveness of your fuel or oil conditioning system, it’s essential to have access to reliable and accurate testing services.
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