Solutions by Industry


Reliable oil and fuel provides long-term equipment protection.  Every industry benefits from reliable fuel purification and oil conditioning.  Kaydon Filtration works with companies around the world to meet their fluid cleanliness requirements.  We routinely produce oil and fuel purification solutions for the following industries:


Solutions Provided

Power Generation

Turbine lube oil conditioning for steam, hydroelectric, and combustion (gas) turbines

EHC fluid purification

Lube and hydraulic oil purification for pumps, fans, coal handling equipment, fluid drives, fear boxes, seal oil, and governor control systems 

Diesel Fuel Handling Operations

Bulk diesel fuel purification for bulk fuel storage and transfer operations

Petrochemical and Refineries

Rotating equipment (turbine) oil conditioning for turbine driven compressors


Diesel fuel purification at fuel transfer points on the workboat or at fuel delivery locations

Hydraulic oil filtration


Bulk diesel fuel purification during fuel transfer operations for haul trucks and other mobile equipment

Pulp and Paper

Paper machine lube oil purification

Hydraulic oil filtration and purification

Power house turbine oil conditioing 

Steel and Aluminum

Lube oil filtration

Hydraulic oil filtration

Diesel fuel purification

OEM and Custom Requirements
Kaydon is a supplier to many large OEM customers.  Kaydon commonly provides low cost effective solutions for oil and fuel filtration requirements through its standard products , or by a custom engineered product.

Regardless of the industry, our ongoing dedication to delivering quality oil and fuel purification solutions consistently brings exceptional customer satisfaction.