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Reliable electric power is critical to the success of your operations.  Whether you operate a manufacturing plant, a hospital, a prison, a nursing facility, a computer operations center or a mining operation, you need a consistent supply of electricity to maintain operations and ensure both safety and security.  Backup generators – and a fuel supply to support them – are essential.
 HospitalTo make sure your generators are ready to start quickly and go on line in the event of a power outage, your fuels need to be kept clean and dry.  Gasoline stored in aboveground or underground tanks is susceptible to condensation and particulate contamination.  Diesel fuels tend to attract moisture, and also support algae growth.  In addition, fuels are subject to water and particulate infiltration when they are transferred from tanks or are channeled through pipe networks that may contain leaks.  Regardless of the source, the presence of any contaminants in your fuel supply can prevent your backup generators from running at peak capacity, and could contribute to bearing or gear failure when electricity is needed most.


Kaydon Filtration offers a complete line of products targeted directly at the backup power marketplace.  Our decades of fuel conditioning experience, coupled with our Clean Fuel System that’s supported by cutting-edge coalescing technology, combines to create solutions that dependably remove harmful contaminants from gasoline and diesel fuels.  That lets you breathe easy knowing that your fuel supply can be pressed into service with confidence at a moment’s notice.


Over the last 70 years, Kaydon Filtration has worked closely with customers in nearly every type of industry to make sure that their back-up generator fuel supplies are always clean, dry and ready to use.

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