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Condensation and water infiltration are common issues at large-scale fuel storage facilities. Free-breathing storage tanks, high humidity, and deliveries by pipeline, tank truck or barges, allow water to enter and accumulate in your storage tanks.  Over time, the water will settle out of the fuel through natural separation, and will typically gather in the low sump areas of your tanks.  To preserve the quality of your gasoline, diesel fuel or jet fuel, it’s necessary to remove the water on a regular basis without churning it back into the contents of the tanks.
Kaydon Filtration offers a number of water and particulate removal solutions designed specifically for bulk transfer and storage facilities.  Whether your facility relies on a vacuum distillation process or coalescing technology, we can help you:
  • Maintain the integrity of your fuels
  • Protect your tanks and pumping equipment from deterioration
  • Reduce your fuel waste
  • Contain the labor and time required to sump each tank
  • Eliminate environmental and health concerns about water and fuel spills
The Kaydon Filtration fuel conditioning systems are the preferred choice of many tank storage facilities, and can be integrated seamlessly with our automatic water drain assemblies and our tank bottom fuel/water separation systems.  All of our equipment installs easily on your existing tank drains, and takes the guess work out of knowing when to remove accumulated water.
Kaydon Filtration water and particulate removal systems are in continuous use in fuel storage and handling facilities around the world.  Click on the link below to learn how we’ve helped other customers remove harmful water from their storage tanks, or to contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.