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BULK diesel fuel TRANSFER purification

Particulate entry, condensation formation, and water intrusion are common issues for large-scale fuel transfer operations. Free-breathing storage tanks, high humidity, and deliveries by pipeline, tank truck or barges, allow water to enter and accumulate in diesel fuel storage tanks.  Over time the water will settle out of the diesel fuel through natural separation and gather in the low sump areas of fuel storage tanks.  To preserve the quality of diesel fuel it is necessary to remove particulate and water from the fuel transfer pipeline without mixing it back into the contents.

The Kaydon Filtration bulk diesel fuel purification skid assemblies can be integrated into the fuel transfer pipeline to reduce harmful particulates and damaging water from entering mobile equipment fuel tanks.  By reducing the amount of contamination entering the fuel tank, this removes the full burden of filtration and water removal from the on-engine filters, which further helps provide the needed level of fuel cleanliness for today's diesel engines.

Kaydon Filtration offers a number of particulate and water removal skid assemblies designed specifically for bulk diesel fuel transfer.  Below are the list of skid assemblies, based upon diesel fuel flow rate.

Bulk Diesel Fuel Purification Product Selection Guide

Particulate and Water Removal
(skid assembly with filtration vessel and fuel/water separator vessel)
Maximum Diesel Fuel Flow Rate (gpm / lpm)  Recommendation(1)
60 / 227 FC3S2-001
100 / 379 FC5S2-001
200 / 757 FC7S2-001
300 / 1136 FC9S2-001
(1) Using KM-2 Filtration Element Media.  or use in applications not exceeding 150 psig (10.5 kg/cm2) operating pressure.