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If you’re considering construction of a new facility – a turbine-driven power plant, a fuel storage or refining facility, a manufacturing or processing operation, or an HVAC installation – now is the best time to address your fuel and oil conditioning needs.  By integrating systems that remove water and particulates from fuels and lubricants into your structural, electrical and plumbing plans, you can:
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your construction investment
  • Eliminate the need for costly retrofitting at a later date
  • Ensure that your costly equipment is protected from water and particulate damage from the start
At Kaydon Filtration, we regularly collaborate with contractors and design engineers to integrate effective fuel conditioning systems into a wide variety of installations.  We pride ourselves on creating customized solutions that address specific needs in cost effective and efficient ways.  Whether it’s oil conditioning for a single piece of equipment, or an enterprise-wide system that addresses multiple fuel and lubricant conditioning needs simultaneously, Kaydon Filtration has the expertise and the experience to help you leverage the potential of your construction investment.
Contact a Kaydon Filtration solutions expert, or to find out how we have helped clients like you integrate fuel and lubricant conditioning into plans for new facilities around the globe.

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This system will provide you quality filtration for both diesel and jet fuel.
These Fuel/Water Separator
Vessels are designed and
constructed in accordance
with ASME Code and can be
used Jet fuel or Diesel Fuel
Portable oil filtration systems that can be used with a variety of filter elements for filtration.
Our VKS series vessels are of all steel ASME construction
designed for in-line applications
requiring rugged construction
and long term durability.
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