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At Kaydon Filtration, we recognize that it can be particularly challenging to keep your diesel fuels dry and clean. We also know that it’s a well-known fact that water, and surfactants in diesel fuel can create the majority of your diesel engine problems. A number of studies have shown that nearly all diesel engine failures can be linked, at least in some part, to substandard fuel quality.
Water and surfactants can appear in your marine diesel fuels for one or more of the following reasons: 
  • With the demand for marine fuels increasing, water in diesel fuel does not have time to settle out on its own
  • Diesel fuel is not filtered as it moves through the distribution network, which means more water can enter the fuel every time it’s transferred from a tank to a marine vessel
  • Diesel fuel has a high affinity for picking up moisture in warmer, humid environments, such as those found at sea
Marine fuel quality is most frequently compromised for the following reasons:
  • Fuel is stored longer, especially in off-shore boats that venture into deeper waters, providing more time for fuel tank condensation
  • Fleets operate internationally, where diesel fuel quality may be suspect
  • Fuel corrosion and microbial growth
Sub Heading
Water and surfactants in marine diesel fuel greatly reduces its combustibility.  In addition,water can make harmful particulates in fuels even more abrasive to your fuel system components.  This may result in premature wear – such as in injector plunger scuffing or seizure failures – as water breaks down the protective film qualities of the fuel.
Kaydon Filtration offers a complete selection of products and services geared directly to the demands of your diesel fueled marine applications. To learn more about our solutions, and to read about our successes in marine applications, click on the link below or contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.

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