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Kaydon Filtration provides a wide range of filtration and fuel conditioning technologies to governments around the world.  Our solutions include hydraulic, fuel and oil filtration systems for military applications, including components specifically designed to address the grueling demands of combat and tactical vehicles.  In addition, we support marine and aircraft applications, as well as: 

We also offer a full range of HVAC filtration solutions that support mission-critical operations in some of the world’s largest government facilities.  Whether your need is large and long term or small and immediate, Kaydon Filtration has the right products and established history of performance. 

To learn more about how Kaydon Filtration products and expertise have been applied to government-related challenges like yours, contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.   


Kaydon Filtration is the leader in water removal from fuels and lubricants and sets the standard for high efficiency fuel / water filtration equipment technology for diesel and jet fuels.  Whether the application requires in-line fuel filtration during transfer applications or off-line fuel filtration of a storage tank, Kaydon Filtration has the solution – ON GSA CONTRACT! 

Related Kaydon Filtration Products offered under the GSA Contract

are designed to maintain the cleanest and driest fuel in diesel storage tanks for back-up generator sets.Sized to turn over
the contents of your fuel tank
twice a week, they are available for tanks up to 150,000 gallons.
          KFX Diesel Fuel Filtration Skids
provide worry-free, automatic in-line operation for applications up to 300 gallons per minute with water removal to 50 parts per million.
automatically remove water from
large fuel tanks, including jet fuel
gasoline and diesel.This reduces
operator interface and error from
the sumping process, and
improves operator safety by
eliminating manual sumping.
The system also helps the
environment by eliminating the
potential for spills,thus saving
wasted fuel and reducing the
demand on fuel recovery systems.