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Water infiltration into lubrication oil reservoirs is a constant challenge for surface and underground mining operations.  If left unchecked, for even a brief period of time, water in your lubricant oils can: 
Compromise the effectiveness of your lubricants
Remove important and necessary additives from the lubricant
Create highly corrosive byproducts within the lubricant that can attack and degrade your machine components
Water-contaminated lubricants don’t provide the necessary and complete protection your heavily used mining machinery requires.  This can result in excessive equipment wear, premature part failure and operational downtime
Specifically, the presence of water in the oil reservoirs of mining equipment can cause:
  • Rust and other forms of corrosion, which may become particularly troublesome when they mix with acids that are normally found in lubricant oils. Rust and corrosion may also accelerate the formation of harmful abrasive particles within the oil supply.
  • Vaporous cavitation, which subjects machine parts to destructive blasts of high pressure as water bubbles within the oil supply suddenly implode when they encounter high pressure within a machine.  Over time, the imploding water droplets cause machine parts to become brittle and pitted. 
  • Air infiltration into the lubricant oil, which increases the potential for damaging gaseous cavitation.  Like vaporous cavitation, air bubbles under high pressure within a machine cause significant damage to components.
The loss of film strength within the lubricant, which compromises both viscosity and the lubricant’s other protective qualities.  Damage caused by loss of film strength is most often seen in bearing and gear installations.
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