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To deliver dependable, long-term service to customers in the field, it’s essential for OEMs to incorporate dependable fuel and oil conditioning systems in military vehicles, farm equipment, heavy machinery, workboats and over-the-road service vehicles.  These systems remove harmful water and particulates from fuels and oils, and help to extend the service life of critical bearing, gear and hydraulic assemblies.
At Kaydon Filtration, we offer a complete range of fuel and oil conditioning solutions that address the specific needs of commercial mobile equipment.  Our vacuum distillation or coalescing technologies can help you:
  • Maintain the integrity of your fuels and oils while they are in storage
  • Prevent the introduction of water and other contaminants into vehicle fuel tanks or oil reservoirs, even when these vital fluids are added on the job site
  • Eliminate the performance problems and damage that can come from using contaminated fuels or oils in high-tech engines
We also offer a complete range of filtration products that remove contaminants from on-board fuel and lube oil supplies.  Our specially designed filter medias meet the hard-use requirements of mobile equipment, allow longer periods between required maintenance, and extend the overall service life of the machinery.  That translates into:
  • Less unscheduled downtime.
  • More efficient use of fuels
  • Extended life spans for expensive lubricants
  • More predictable long-term performance
  • Better customer satisfaction
For more than 70 years, Kaydon Filtration water and particulate removal systems have been in continuous use in mobile equipment around the world.  Click on the link above to learn how we’ve helped OEMs achieve superior performance from their products, or to contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.