Solutions by Industry


Investments in large-scale industrial equipment – such as compressors or stationary engines – are some of the most important outlays a business can make.  Aside from committing significant financial resources to single or multiple pieces of equipment, this equipment literally “drives” your business – whether it’s powering an automated production line, heating or cooling a healthcare or office complex or providing reliable and effective backup power support.  With the success of your operations – and those of your clients – resting on your equipment, it’s critical that it always be in top operating condition.
At Kaydon Filtration, we have been providing industrial equipment manufacturers with filtration products and solutions that have helped remove harmful water and particulates from fuel and lube oil supplies.  This has helped to:
  • Increase the service life of the equipment
  • Contain maintenance costs
  • Extend the lifespan of costly lubricants
  • Minimize the likelihood of unplanned outages and unscheduled maintenance
Our fuel and oil conditioning solutions are easy to operate, economical to own and maintain, and designed to integrate seamlessly within the footprint of existing equipment configurations. Kaydon Filtration solutions are currently in use in literally thousands of locations around the world, and support a wide array of manufacturing, government, military, healthcare and cultural initiatives. Click on the link above to learn how we’ve helped OEMs and their customers achieve superior, long-term performance from industrial equipment installations, or to contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.