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The presence of contaminants in the petrochemical manufacturing process can have a direct impact on the quality of the material produced.  Water or particulates in turbine oils can foul your equipment, such as heat exchangers and compressors, and ultimately create production disruptions or premature and expensive equipment failure.
Kaydon Filtration specializes in addressing the specialized needs of petrochemical manufacturers.  Our Turbo-TOCÓ oil conditioning system featuring state-of –the-art coalescing technology, and our KA-XP Turbine Oil Conditioning System – which offers explosion-proof performance – bring exceptional reliability and peace of mind to your operations by:
  • Eliminating up to 70% of all hydraulic and lube oil component failures
  • Integrating easily into your existing equipment footprint
  • Removing water from turbine oil reservoirs quickly and efficiently
  • Containing operational and energy costs
  • Extending the lifespan of your costly lubricants
Kaydon Filtration systems are currently in use in chemical manufacturing facilities around the world and are renown for being easy to use and maintain.  To learn more about how Kaydon Filtration systems have been integrated into client facilities and the difference comprehensive turbine oil filtration solutions can make at your facility, click the link below or contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.

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Vacuum Distillation systems
remove water, sediment and
gases from a variety of different
oils including: Steel Mill Lube
Oil, Paper Machine Lube Oil,
Injection Molding Hydraulic Oil,
Metal Stamping Hydraulic Oil,
Electro Hydraulic Control Fluid,
and Turbine Lube Oil.
Our VKS series vessels are of all steel ASME construction designed for in-line applications requiring rugged construction and long term durability. 
Learn more about increasing the quality of your oil by utilizing our system in for your petrochemical filtration needs!