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When a100 tons of turbine components are spinning at 3600 rpm, the need for clean dry lubricating oil is absolutely required for long-term reliability. Turbine lube oil can be processed using several different purification systems. We offer the best filtration solutions for steam, gas, hydroelectric and wind turbines in the industry.  Our coalescence process can help you to achieve long-term, predictable, and profitable performance from your turbine equipment.   If you need water and particulate free lubrication than Kaydon Filtration has the expertise designed to filter with the highest performance, ease of use, and reliability that you can count on again and again.
We have been a premiere supplier of turbine oil filtration for the power generation market for over 70 years.   As experts in the field we have devoted a significant amount of study to the critical operating parameters for maintaining bearing oil reliability.  As journal bearings begin to rotate, oil is pumped into the oil grooves of the bearing housing. As speeds increase, a hydrodynamic film develops to separate the shaft or journal from the bearing surface.  There is significant data about film thickness, clearances between bearing surfaces and journals; however, the question of filtration type and efficiency is left to the operator.
The choice of filtration system is often selected by past experience and cost, rather than the best technical and long-term economic solution. It is clear that today’s need for reliable production of electric power, turbines require world-class lubricants and filtration systems.  The centrifuge, gravity filters, and filter presses, were the steps in providing this reliability.  Today the technical merits and lower operating costs of using the Kaydon Filtration puts us at the top of the list for maintaining turbine lubricants.