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Kaydon Filtration has been producing turbine lube oil conditioning systems for steam, combustion (gas), and hydroelectric turbines for over 75 years.  Kaydon’s long term commitment and involvement with power plants, turbine OEMs, and EPC firms prove Kaydon’s effectiveness as a supplier for all turbine lube oil conditioning applications.  Kaydon’s focus has always been to provide the following benefits for power plant operators: 


  • Longer Turbine Life — Keeps the oil system flushed and harmful contaminates removed. Oil reliability is increased.
  • Reduced Bearing Failures — When both water and particulate are brought down to acceptable levels, bearing failures will decrease, or be eliminated.
  • Fewer Forced Outages — Contaminated oil, especially high water contamination, can potentially cause an unwanted outage. A continuous flow oil conditioning system can quickly remove the contamination, thus preventing a forced outage.
  • Less-Costly Turbine Rebuilds — Clean turbine oil increases turbine dependability and helps reduce repair costs directly associated with contaminated oil.


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