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Many industrial customers rely on gas turbine systems for power generation.  While gasses captured from industrial processes – such as metal or chemical manufacturing – fuel some installations, others operate on natural gas.  In all cases, gas turbine equipment is subject to temperatures that are significantly higher than those found in steam or hydroelectric turbine installations, and requires exceptionally clean lubricants to protect system components from damage or failure.
To protect your sizable investment in gas fueled power generation equipment it’s vital to keep your lubricant and cooling oils clean and free of water.  With equipment operating at high speed and high temperatures, water and particulates in your oil reservoirs can:
  • Reduce the viscosity and the effectiveness of your costly lubricants.
  • Generate steam within your lubricant systems that can degrade the lubricants, increase the abrasiveness of particles and elevate system operating pressures.
  • Allow highly corrosive byproducts to develop within your lubricant system, which can attack and ruin bearings, gears and other moving parts.
Kaydon Filtration has extensive experience with conditioning lubricants for gas fueled turbine applications like yours.  Our Turbo-TOCÓ oil conditioning system, supported by state-of-the-art coalescing technologies, reliably removes both water and particulates from your lubricating oils, and stands up to decades of continuous and demanding on-line service. Find out how Kaydon Filtration has helped several gas turbine power generators protect their equipment and maximize the effectiveness of their lubricants by clicking on the link below or contacting your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.

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