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Abrasion, erosion, scoring, and wiping.  These are all identifying labels of surface wear on turbine bearings, and they are all caused by a continual infiltration of particles.  Maintaining lube system tightness along with other particle entry prevention methods help reduce these failure labels, but many particles will still gain access into turbine lube oil circuits and reservoirs causing bearing surface wear.  Surface wear distorts the clearance between the bearing and journal, reduces oil film profile, and eventually degrades bearing surfaces, which leads to premature bearing failure.

In addition, water will eventually enter turbine lube systems.  Water contamination can become more damaging than particulate contamination, and prove to be an unwelcome contributor to premature bearing failure.  Oil oxidation, bearing surface corrosion, oil film strength reduction, and unwanted chemical reactions with oil additives are a few of the issues resulting from water contamination.


The Model KL1, KL5S2, KL10S2, KL30S2, KL60S2, and KL100S3 Turbo-TOC® turbine oil conditioners are designed to remove particulate and water from turbine oil.  Turbo-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems are installed as an off-line system to continuously condition turbine oil in a turbine oil reservoir.  Large and medium size turbines with reservoir sizes up to 12,000 gallons can be conditioned using the Turbo-TOC® systems.  

Turbo-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems support long-term turbine operation and significantly reduces the probability of oil related turbine failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated turbine oil by quickly and efficiently removing harmful water and particulates.


  • Longer Turbine Life — Keeps the oil system flushed and harmful contaminates removed. Oil reliability is increased.
  • Reduced Bearing Failures — When both water and particulate are brought down to acceptable levels, bearing failures will decrease or be eliminated.
  • Fewer Forced Outages — Contaminated oil, especially high water contamination, can potentially cause an unwanted outage. A continuous flow oil conditioning system can quickly remove the contamination, thus preventing a forced outage.
  • Less-Costly Turbine Rebuilds — Clean turbine oil increases turbine dependability and helps in the reduction of repair costs that are directly associated with contaminated oil.
Turbo-TOC® Sizing Guidelines for Steam Turbines

Reservoir Size (gallons / liters) Turbo-TOC® System Recommendation
25 - 300 / 95 - 1,140 KL1
301 - 600 / 1,141 - 2,275 KL5S2
601 - 1,200 / 2,276 - 4,545 KL10S2
1,201 - 3,600 / 4,546 - 13,630 KL30S2
3,601 - 7,200 / 13,631 - 27,255 KL60S2
7,200 - 12,000 / 27,256 - 45,425 KL100S3-N
> 12,000 / > 45,425 Contact Kaydon Filtration

The Turbo-TOC® family of turbine oil conditioning systems offer a complete engineering solution for turbine oil conditioning for steam turbine operations.  The skid mounted system with K-Thousand particle filtration, water removal utilizing Kaydon Coalescing/Separator technology, and operator interface with the K-Touch® Technology touch screen window, remains the standard for turbine oil conditioning for steam turbine operators and steam turbine OEMs.