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In primary metals production, the environment poses a number of challenges for your turbine-driven hydraulic and stationary industrial equipment.  High temperatures in the production process, water and steam generated from quench operations, and dirt and debris created at every stage along the production line combine to contaminate lube oil reservoirs and potentially damage critical equipment.
Kaydon Filtration has extensive experience with companies that manufacture every type of primary metal.  Whether you’re producing steel, titanium, aluminum, or specialized alloys, we have a lube oil conditioning system that meets the specific needs of your operation.  Our systems integrate easily into your existing equipment footprint, and remove water and particulates from lube oils that can:
  • Damage bearing and gear assemblies.
  • Compromise the viscosity of your expensive lube oils.
  • Increase the likelihood of unplanned outages.
Our KL1, 858 and Turbo-TOC© oil conditioning systems, each driven with our cutting-edge coalescing technology, produce unmatched performance in metals manufacturing facilities around the world. To learn about how we helped many of the world’s leading metals manufacturers protect their equipment investments with cutting-edge oil conditioning technology, click on the link above to contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.