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Primary metals production environments pose a number of challenges for rolling and rod mill lube oils, gear lube oils, hydraulic oils, and turbine oils.  Water intrusion during the production process, added with incoming dirt and debris, combine to contaminate lube and hydraulic oil reservoirs in steel and aluminum mills, jeopardizing critical production equipment.

Kaydon Filtration has extensive experience with conditioning lube and hydraulic oils used in steel and aluminum mill operations.  Kaydon’s oil conditioning systems integrate easily into existing mills, and working independent of your existing lube and hydraulic systems, continually removing water and particulates from lube and hydraulic oils.  Areas where Kaydon’s 858 vacuum distillation dehydration oil conditioning systems can be applied:


Rolling Mill Lube Oil Systems

(Including line shafts, gears reducers, all types of drives, roller bearings, and mill pinions)

Hydraulic Oil Systems

(Including extrusion equipment, forging equipment, rams, electric arc furnaces, and positioning equipment)

Benefits of using Kaydon 858 Vacuum Distillation Dehydration Oil Conditioning Systems:

1.  Reduces damage to bearing and gear assemblies

2.  Helps maintain the characteristics and viscosity of expensive oil

3.  Decreases probability of unplanned outages


In addition to the 858 vacuum distillation dehydration systems, Kaydon Filtration also offers several filtration elements for lube and hydraulic oil.  Go to:

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