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Sudden equipment failure and unplanned maintenance outages are unwanted events when metal is moving down rolling and rod mill production lines.  Downtime compromises the ability to meet customer demands, and this directly impacts the bottom line.  Reliable lube systems are vital components to production uptime, and keeping water and particulate contamination out of the lube oil that serves journal (sleeve) bearings, roller bearings, and roll neck bearings is imperative. 

Kaydon lube oil filtration and conditioning systems are tailored directly to the requirements of mill production equipment lube oils. Kaydon’s contamination control equipment is designed for continuous duty service for rolling and rod mills. 

Our equipment helps:

1.  Reduce lube oil component failures 
2.  Remove water and particulates quickly and efficiently 
3.  Control operational and maintenance costs 
4.  Maintain the lifespan of costly lube oil


VKS Oil Filtration Vessels (carbon steel)
Our VKS oil filtration vessels are carbon steel, ASME Code Constructed, and designed for in-line lube oil filtration applications requiring rugged construction and long term durability.
The 111 and 112 aluminum vessels provide an economical lube oil filtration solution in a lightweight and easy-to-install configuration.
The 858 systems are designed to remove particles and water from lube oil contained in rolling and rod mill lube system oil reservoirs.  They are continuous duty lube oil conditioning systems for a lube oil reservoir in an off-line application.