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To meet the demands of your customers, it’s essential to keep your paper manufacturing operation online and operating predictably.  The paper manufacturing process, with its heavy dependence on water and steam, can quickly compromise the performance of bearings, gears and other vital machine parts by up to 80% if lubricant oils become contaminated with water and particulates. To protect your capital investment in equipment, and to avoid unplanned maintenance activities, you need lube oil-conditioning equipment you can depend on.
Kaydon Filtration understands the special needs of paper manufactures, and offers a complete selection of lube oil conditioning systems that can help protect every piece of your vital equipment. Our KL1, 858 and Turbo-TOC© oil conditioning systems, each driven with our cutting-edge coalescing technology, produce unmatched performance that:
  • Keeps your equipment on line longer
  • Protects expensive and difficult-to-replace bearings and gears from premature failure
  • Adds predictability to your downtime schedule
  • Extends the lifespan of increasingly expensive lubricants
Kaydon Filtration has worked closely with paper manufacturers around the world to extend the lifespan and enhance the function of specialized equipment.  To learn about how we helped address water and particulate infiltration problems with cutting-edge oil conditioning technology, click on the link above to contact your Kaydon Filtration solutions expert.

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