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Reliability is a critical factor in petroleum refining.  Unexpected equipment failure and unscheduled downtime can have sudden and significant impacts on the supplies and prices of gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel.   With so much riding on the reliable operation of your equipment, it’s essential to have oil conditioning and water removal systems you can rely on.
At Kaydon Filtration, we have spent the last 70 years perfecting the removal of water from turbine oil reservoirs and petroleum storage tanks. We’ve built our reputation by developing products that:
  • Eliminate up to 70% of all hydraulic and lube oil component failures
  • Integrate easily into your existing equipment footprint
  • Extend the lifespan of your costly lubricants
Our Turbo-TOC© oil conditioning system is the preferred choice of refineries around the world.  Our automatic water drain assemblies and tank bottom fuel/water separation systems help protect the integrity of stored petroleum products.  And our KA-XP explosion-proof rated turbine oil conditioning systems combine performance with an extra margin of safety, offering you insurance in cases of high water ingression in turbine oil.

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Check out our explosion-proof rated turbine oil conditioning system.
Vacuum Distillation systems remove water, sediment and
gases from a variety of
different oils including:
Steel Mill Lube Oil, Paper
Machine Lube Oil, Injection
Molding Hydraulic Oil, Metal
Stamping Hydraulic Oil,
Electro Hydraulic Control Fluid, and Turbine Lube Oil.  
VKS Series
Our VKS series vessels are of all steel ASME construction designed for in-line applications requiring rugged construction and long term durability. 
Learn more about increasing the quality of your oil by utilizing our system in for your petrochemical filtration needs!